Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Faculty: Minyoung Kim

Minyoung Kim, from the University of Illinois, joins the school’s international business faculty as an assistant professor.

Kim received his doctorate degree in Business Administration from U of I in 2012. Before moving to the United States, Kim also received his bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and his master’s in Business Administration from Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea.

In addition to his degrees, Kim is also a two-time black belt graduate.

“I enjoyed martial arts because it teaches discipline. I learned a lot about myself, but more importantly, it taught me the art of strategy,” Kim said.

Although he no longer participates in martial arts, Kim is still fascinated with strategy. His research focus lies at the intersection of international business and strategic management. His interest is primarily how the unique attributes of the international market allow firms to create and sustain competitive advantages in the context of technological innovation.

Currently, his research explores firm internationalization, knowledge transfer, barriers to imitation, value appropriation, innovation strategies and social network analysis. 

His in-depth analysis of international business research is a huge benefit to the students in his class, Intro to Business (IBUS 410).

“I hope my class expands the students’ horizons and helps them develop an interest for business opportunities in other countries,” Kim said.