Friday, April 26, 2013

Personal Finance: Investing for your future

Executive-in-residence William Lewis lectures to Personal Finance students

“It’ll all add up in the end,” said Theresa Tran, a senior at the University of Kansas. “Finance 101 has taught me to think about my budget and how to plan for the future.”

Tran, a biochemistry major from Liberty, Mo., will attend optometry school in the fall. She learned about the course through a friend who had taken the course and recommended it to her.

“I couldn’t have taken it at a better time because I now understand I can protect my belongings when I move to a new city with renter’s insurance. I even know how to check my tire pressure,” she laughed.

Personal Finance, or FIN 101, taught by executive-in-residence William E. Lewis, was first offered in 2007. The course addresses personal topics that are relatable to college student’s everyday life, and how they can plan for the future.

“Finance 101 gets personal with students and expects them to think constructively about real life financial issues,” said Adam Casady, a teacher’s assistant for the course and Master of Accounting student from Lawrence. “It introduces students to material that will be applicable for the rest of their lives.”

The material covered throughout the semester brings attention to other every day bits of life when calling on students to test what they already know.

Casady said he was introduced to new material because he never took the class as an undergraduate.
“I was learning the material as the course went on. It was a lot of stuff I didn’t know either, so I was basically learning it along with the students,” he said.

Tran said she remembers the day that the students were all asked if they knew where to find their tire pressure, if they knew the type of car insurance they have.

“I was shocked when he said that credit cards are safer to use than debit cards as long as you’re responsible,” she said. “It was a really fun class that was engaging and useful. And knowing I have a lot of debt in the making over the next few years, I’m confident that I now know what that really means and how I should manage it all.”

FIN 101 is currently enrolling for fall 2013. The class is open to all KU students.