Thursday, January 23, 2014

Student groups count on UBC for support

College isn't just about the classes. It’s also about the experience.

The Undergraduate Business Council (UBC) is a student government organization dedicated to making business school students’ experience as great as it can be.

The UBC is an umbrella organization responsible for governing all student groups within the business school. In addition to that, the UBC’s goal is to support the school and provide students with opportunities to be successful.

“Our goal is to energize the business school students and give them different events they can attend to meet people, get them involved and get them excited about the school,” said Kelvie Crabb, faculty advisor of the UBC.

To ensure that student clubs are able to offer networking events, social dinners, lectures and more, the UBC assists with funding, event planning and communications between each group. The council is made up of an executive team, student club representatives and a general assembly to ensure that all business students are able to take part.

A popular UBC event is “A Night Out with the Leaders,” to which the council invites 50 business students and 50 local business leaders for a night of networking. It’s important to the UBC that students, both in and outside of the council, are able to get to know others involved in their own interests.

“The biggest benefit of being in the UBC is meeting a huge variety of students within the school.” Crabb said. “It’s especially great if you haven’t chosen your major yet because the council is made up of all different business majors. Most importantly, it’s a great way to feel like you’re giving back to the school and energizing your fellow students.”

Learn more about the UBC here.

by Mackenzie Leander