Thursday, April 17, 2014

Business law professor recognized for paper

Journal of Financial Crime, an international research journal published in the United Kingdom, has recognized John Gergacz, KU professor of business law, for writing one of the journal’s “Highly Commended Papers of 2013.”

Gergacz’s paper, “In-house counsel claims against a corporate employer and access to privileged corporate communications: An analysis and a proposal,” appeared in the journal in fall 2013.

The paper evaluates in-house legal counsel’s dual role in wrongful discharge claims against a corporate employee and its effect on privileged corporate communications.

“I feel very honored to have my work recognized by the Journal of Financial Crime,” Gergacz said.  “Its editorial board consists of legal scholars from throughout the world and I am pleased that they selected my piece for this distinction.”

Gergacz is also the author of the leading legal treatise, “Attorney-Corporate Client Privilege 3rd edition.”