Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New faculty: Lori Whisenant

It’s all fun and games with Lori Whisenant, a new lecturer at the University of Kansas School of Business, from the University of Houston.

Whisenant taught at UH for 12 years and served as the director of business law and ethics studies for the past seven years. She worked in public accounting in the Big Four in the tax area prior to that position.

Whisenant is happy to join a university and town with so much school spirit. 

“My husband, Scott, also joined KU. It was the perfect fit for both our professional and family goals,” Whisenant said. “We have two young boys, and really liked the opportunity to raise them in such a wonderful environment like Lawrence.”

While at UH, Whisenant and a former faculty member at UH developed an online business ethics game for undergraduate students.  

“The game is a simulation that allows a student to make decisions in ten ethical dilemmas, all of which take place while the student is in college,” Whisenant explained.  “The goal is to end with relative balance in the student’s life, which is measured by scores related to money, academics, health and reputation.”

The game covers obstacles a student will encounter during college such as cheating, lying on a resume and responding to multiple offers for employment. At the end of the game the student’s scores related to money, academics, health and reputation determine whether the student receives a great job offer, stays in the same job the student had during college, or is without a job at the end of the game.

In 2011, the game was recognized by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE). Whisenant and her partner were finalists in the NACE’s Innovation Excellence Award.

Currently, Whisenant is developing an additional level of the game. In this level the students are new employees of an organization and are asked to navigate various ethical dilemmas that one may find in business. The student’s decisions made in Level I will affect the outcomes in Level II.

“We wanted to emphasize that bad decisions in life sometimes come back to haunt you,” Whisenant said.
This semester Whisenant is teaching Business Writing for Accountants and Tax Research. Next semester Whisenant will teach Accounting Ethics and plans to implement components of the game within the context of the course.
“I love teaching subjects that I'm passionate about, and writing and ethics are at the top of the list,” Whisenant said.

Whisenant attended University of Texas at Tyler where she received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. At the University of Oklahoma she received Master of Accountancy and Juris Doctorate. At Georgetown University she received a Master of Laws in taxation.