Wednesday, November 6, 2013

School focuses on building global competency

The School of Business is responding to the increasingly global nature of business by providing study abroad opportunities for graduate students.

The business school makes study abroad programs available for graduate students in the MAcc and MBA programs to supplement their classroom education.  John Hedeman, the new director of student international experiences for the Institute of International Business, emphasized the increasing importance of studying abroad during business education.

“I firmly believe that business students must develop knowledge, skills and attributes that make them a globally competent as possible because in the 21st century, all business is global,” Hedeman said.

Business students make up 16 percent of all students studying abroad, making it the second largest department on campus for study abroad.  Hedeman said the business school is hoping to prepare its students with a global mindset.

“The business school is putting all the resources in place for its students to become globally competent,” Hedeman said.  “I look forward to the time when being globally competent is the norm and not the exception among our students.  From past experience, I know this goal is reachable.”

Because business graduates are dealing more and more in international business, Dee Steinle, administrative director of masters programs, agrees that studying abroad allows students to add perspective to lessons from their classes.

“It enhances what we already teach and takes it to a new level,” Steinle said.

Steinle also said that studying abroad can help broaden your global knowledge and stretch your boundaries.

“It enlarges your world.  It enlarges your perspective” Steinle said.  “You understand what it is to be out of your element and out of your comfort zone.”

The business school maintains study abroad programs all over the globe, allowing students to select based on their language abilities, preferences and the area of business they want to study.  Graduate study abroad opportunities area available to business students in India, Costa Rica, France, China, Italy, Germany and Panama.  The business school recently added an entrepreneurship study abroad in Israel available winter break 2014.

Learn more about graduate study abroad opportunities online.

by Allison Kite