Thursday, May 15, 2014

Student wins scholarship for women in supply chain

School of Business junior Hannah Bremer was awarded the AWESOME scholarship, which will provide her the opportunity to go to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Conference in September.

The scholarship was created by the AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management and Education) Initiative, which was established in 2013 to advance women’s roles in supply chain leadership.

Roger Woody, an executive lecturer of supply chain management and director of SCM external development, said the conference will be invaluable because of the industry exposure it will provide. He said Bremer will be able to meet professionals from a variety of companies and countries and learn more about their experiences in supply chain.

Bremer said she thought the conference would be a good opportunity to interact with supply chain professionals.

“You learn the technical things in school, but you don’t know the nuances unless you hear people having genuine conversations,” Bremer said. “I’m looking forward to acting like a fly on the wall and moving through and hearing what they have to say.”

Bremer was nominated as KU’s candidate and then chosen along with four other students from 10 top universities.

by Allison Kite