Friday, December 6, 2013

Who gets an MBA?

A KU MBA is all about business, but it’s not only for business undergraduates.

Dee Steinle, the administrative director of masters programs at the KU School of Business, fights the stereotype that most MBA students have business backgrounds.

“There are ways an MBA can benefit those with a business undergrad,” Steinle said. “But absolutely the best fit for an MBA is really someone who is launching a career change that comes from a non-business background.”

The reality is that there’s a diverse student body in the MBA program, and people chose it for a variety of reasons.

Steinle believes that the MBA program is not only well designed for people with non-business backgrounds, but it’s best designed for them.

 “The notion is that a person can have an expertise in another area such as journalism or engineering and take that knowledge, with some experience preferably, and come into the MBA program to gain a systematic business education,” she said.

When students come out of the program, they have a well-rounded education, which allows their passions to drive business.

The MBA program consists of students with backgrounds in English, literature, hard science, engineering and even veterinarian science. Paul Epp, a second-year MBA student, is a professional musician and recording artist.

“He definitely has everything he needs to be successful,” Steinle said, “whether it’s in a business of his choice or starting his own business.”

Many graduates adapt their MBA to suit their own personal interests, allowing them to apply their degree in a variety of business settings. To learn more about an MBA, visit

by Mackenzie Leander