Monday, March 10, 2014

Building leaders from the get-go

The School of Business prides itself on the development of leaders inside and outside of the classroom with the help of organizations such as Business Leadership Program (BLP).

Up to 25 high-ability students are admitted into the BLP each fall. Once they are admitted they spend their freshman and sophomore years developing leadership, professional and managerial skills. Frances Lyons, assistant director of recruitment, wants students to get excited about the opportunities that BLP provides from the start of their academic careers.

“The program offers them opportunities that they wouldn't necessarily receive through other outlets,” Lyons said. “They are in small cohorts, so they are immediately surrounded by high-ability, high-achieving students with similar goals and drive. So they are building that network from the get-go.”

See what students have to say about the benefits of being in the BLP:

Kevin Cheng, sophomore 
BLP has helped me by providing networking and career building events with professionals in the community as well as other motivated students with similar interests as me.  This has allowed me to strengthen my career goals and gain the necessary skills needed to succeed in the future.  Students should get involved because it is a great way to meet other students and work on your leadership, networking and interpersonal skills.

Mel Mihelic, sophomore 
The Business Leadership Program helped me find my niche on the KU campus right from the beginning of my freshman year. It gave me a place to be comfortable and social while challenging to reach outside of my comfort zone and work hard to achieve. I truly believe my KU experience wouldn't be the same without BLP!

Annie Lewis, sophomore 
The Business Leadership Program is a great way to get to know other outgoing students in the school of business and learn about all of the opportunities available to you. BLP helps students make important connections with faculty and realize their own potential. Personally, I met many of the people who I now take most all of my classes with through BLP, so it helped me to find similar faces in the mass of Budig 120.

by Mackenzie Leander