Tuesday, March 18, 2014

HR a part of every manager's job

No matter what position you hold in a company, everyone has to know how to manage people.

Source: NBC Studios
The new Human Resource Management graduate certificate aims to train not only HR professionals, but anyone who needs to know how to staff a business and train employees.

“Anyone would benefit from this whether they’re a specialist in HR or just a manager,” said Professor James Guthrie.

Guthrie said the certificate is a good opportunity to specialize in HR management, even if someone already has a business background.

“A lot of people move sideways into the world of HR once they join a company, and a lot of people haven’t had direct training in it,” he said. “Even if a person has a business degree, there’s usually not a lot of opportunity for specialized training in HR.”

The Human Resource Management graduate certificate comprises five classes and 10 credit hours of work. Students complete management coursework in staffing, performance management, compensation, rewards, training and development, and international HR.

Any credits earned through the certificate can later count toward the Working Professional MBA when a student is ready for the full degree program.

Apply for fall 2014 by July 15. Learn more at MBAcert.ku.edu.